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Nora is Approved into GIA (Global Influencers Association) & takes their influencer program 1 step further - GROWING THEIR INFLUENCERS PAGES

Posted on June 20 2018

Nora NYC does it again. Not only do they continue to be the top 1% online brand from Shopify in the United States, but now, they have entered the GIA, Global Influencers Association, where they plan to offer new perks to the men and woman joining their influencer program.

Nora announced last week, June 2018, that they would now allow their influencers complimentary access into the GIA. This complimentary access would in return allow their ambassadors to grow the pages by the hundreds of thousands of followers. The GIA is home to over 4,5000 members who are all looking to support the social media industry, but most importantly, help them grow in a very challenging market. Therefore, such access would allow the Nora NYC Ambassadors to grow their Instagram pages organically, but more importantly, meet thousands of professionals to educate and teach the Nora NYC ambassadors how to thrive in the fashion industry.

Below, find reviews on ambassadors that joined the Nora NYC ambassador program and within just days they had gained hundreds of new followers + received so much love and support from the GIA members. It is truly an amazing and inspiring ambassador program.

Forget just snapping photos for a brand. Nora NYC wants to help you in achieving your goals. I believe that is a first for a brand right? Jump on this!

Look at Nora NYC Ambassdaors grow their pages by the hundreds within days! Talk about SUPPORT!

Nora NYC Collab Program Review


Nora NYC has been owned and operated since 2015. The company was founded in the heart of Manhattan during a very cold day on the Upper East Side. They are well known for having a Famous Red Box with the city being in the backdrop. Today, Nora NYC is known for its famous eye wear, faux fur jackets, stainless steel jewelry and other statement accessories. They now have locations worldwide including in the USA, Europe and Asia, in addition to selling online.


To join their affiliate program, click here.

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